Thursday, September 4, 2008


Yesterday afternoon, Lele's grandparents brought him to the supermarket to do some groceries shopping. Lele loves the aeroplane kiddy rides located outside the supermarket. There are 2 rides and Lele prefers one to the other.

Unfortunately, the ride was occupied, by a lady who was sitting on it and filling in some lottery tickets (tsktsktsk...).

Lele wanted very much to get onto the ride but since it was taken, he sat on the other ride and waited. He did not make any fuss to his grandparents, but just sat staring very intently at the lady.

Feeling his stare upon her, the lady asked in mandarin,

"Oh, do you want to sit on this ride?"

Lele immediately replied,

"Yaaaaaaaaaaa...o !!! ('I want' in mandarin) "

Mummy and daddy are both very proud of Lele's ability to wait for his turn.

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