Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rice lunch

Ever since he was 8mths old, Lele had been having brown rice porridge (with everything mixed in) for his main meals. We try to give it to him twice a day, but when it wasn't possible, then he will have 1 porridge meal and 1 cereal meal.

To be perfectly honest, porridge with everything mixed in is not very appealing to the average adult, including me. I wonder how someone can take such mashy stuff twice a day for 8months... But Lele seemed to like his meals that way. He can finish 1 1/2 bowl of it for each meal, no less.

2 months ago, I think, I introduced rice into his meal. He loved it, but Lele's nainai and papa feel that brown rice porridge is more nutritious than pearl rice. I figured that since Lele has no complaints about brown rice porridge, no harm continuing.

Recently, Lele has started to show signs that he is sick of porridge, so I prepared plain rice (softer than what adults eat) and some steamed dishes (broccoli, fish and tomato).

Unlike brown rice porridge, Lele was actually able to see exactly what he was eating. He loved this arrangement so much he tried to feed himself and also chose what dish he wanted to go with the rice!

Wait a go, Lele! Look out for more pearl (and perhaps brown rice) meals to come!

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