Friday, September 19, 2008


Here are some long overdue (4months, to be exact) pics of Lele's 1st visit to the birdpark...

These playful n sociable birdies are called LORY.

Papa let go of Lele's hands n he bravely "challenged" the suspending bridge on his own.

Papa observed that even though Lele was brave enough to walk on the suspending bridge alone, he was quick to walk back to where he came from instead of venturing to the other end.

Towards the end, we visited the puffins and penguins. Lele loved the puffins but did not feel much for the penguins. Each time we put him at the penguins, he will walk back to the nextdoor neighbours, puffins. Wonder if it's because they are smaller and cuter than penguins?

I saw a penguin hat and wanted to put it on Lele for a picture. Lele refused and went into "hiding" on my shoulders, so I put the penguin on myself:)

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