Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mr. Dino

Hi! This is me with Mr. Dino! Mama and papa brought me to the supermarket to choose a straw bottle for myself. Without a moment's hesitation, I chose him! Mama and papa thinks it is because my favourite colour is green and Mr. Dino is the only one in green.

Mama bought Mr. Dino because she wanted to let me drink milk from it instead of the milk bottle. I am quite happy with the switch as using a straw bottle allows so much more mobility! And besides, I simply love Mr. Dino so much.
My milk bottle is made of glass, hence mama and papa (and the rest of them) would only let me drink from it in a reclined position, in the cot or pram. It's so much more fun with Mr. Dino because I can drink milk anytime, anywhere. With it, I can control how much milk I want to drink much better too.

Donkey likes Mr. Dino too. I mean, he has to, right?

Come, donkey. Lemme feed you with some milk.

Here's a serious shot of Mr. Dino and me!

Look how serious I am...

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