Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lele's little indulgence

Mama and papa seldom offers Lele snacks. Even if we do, the snacks are mostly healthy, non-processed stuff such as sultanas, fruit or corn.

In between 3 mains (cereal breakfast and porridge/soft rice lunch n dinner), 2 milk snacks and 2 nap times, mama finds it difficult to squeeze in snack time without it ruining his appetite for the mains... Mama's speaking from experience, because there was one time she gave Lele some sultanas an hour before his dinner, and he spat out whatever was fed him during dinner! In the end, he just had milk and then to bed.

Lele has a little indulgence, though.

He simply loves Julie's butter crackers! His Yeye and nainai loves to eat them with coffee after lunch, so there is almost always some crackers in the kitchen. After a first taste of it, he fell in love. He loves the crackers so much he couldn't get enough of it and requested anybody who'd listen to give him some.

He soon realises that the only person who'd accede to his requests is Yeye (sometimes Nainai), so when he sees Yeye in the morning (not very often) when he gets home from work or wakes up to go to work, he will rush into the kitchen to demand a piece of cracker.

As if he knows that once it's finished, it's gonna be REAL difficult to get another piece, Lele will start taking really teeny tiny nibbles when he sees that the biscuit is getting small.

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