Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finally swimming

Yesterday, mama and papa brought Lele to the swimming pool for the very first time in his life. We had a great deal of fun at Anchorvale swimming pool. There were a total of 5 pools, with brand new slides, jacuzzi and all. Best of all, since we went on a weekday, it wasn't swarmed with people, or worse still kicking kids :p

Despite bring wary of those big water-fountain-like things at the pool, Lele was very brave to agree to venture under them after mama and papa explained to him how the fountains function. He even attempted to dive into the water when mama and papa were talking. As a result, he had his first tastes of chlorinated water. Fortunately, this did not spoil his adventurous mood.

One drawback was that the water was too cold and the weather a tad too cool. We went around 5pm, thinking that it would not be too hot then. Perhaps due to a rainy morning, the water was quite cold. Lele did not seemed bothered by the cold water, to our surprise. However, only 15 mins later, papa observed that Lele was teeth were chattering. We hurriedly removed him from the pool, wrapped him up in a big towel and dried up his hair, while feeding him something to munch and drink.

After he was sufficiently warmed up, we returned to the pool. But this time, we went to the warmed area. Another 15mins later, he was in my arms and I felt his legs shaking. So we decided to call an end to the pool dip.

Next time, perhaps I will choose the afternoon to visit... hmm...

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