Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Morning nap

Lele sleeps in his bedroom on his own cot for night time and naps.
Mama is usually the one to put him to bed. She will carry him and hum a song to him while rocking him for a little while (less than 5mins) before putting him on the cot to let him fall asleep on his own. to mama, being able to put himself to sleep is very important. After putting him down, Mama will leave the room and close the door.

When Lele woke from his morning nap, Mama heard him talking cheerily. Then mama heard lovely peals of chuckles and giggles, a first for Lele. Usually, he will just talk/babble. Lele must be in a very good mood to laugh like that, mama thought.
15 mins later when Lele started crying for her, Mama opened the door to see that Lele had his T-shirt removed halfway... Mama was so surprised and said to Lele,

"Wow, you actually took off your own shirt, Lele."
In respond, Lele chuckled heartily.
The joy of being able to remove his own shirt must have been the reason for the peals of laughter earlier on! Unfortunately, the good cheer was gone by the time Mama whipped out the camera to shoot some pics. By then, Lele had enough of the cot and couldn't wait to get out for some fun.

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