Friday, September 19, 2008

Developmental milestones

Just a few more days to go and my little baby will be 17mths old.
Here are some of the things he is now able to do.

*Say about 20 words (all mono-syllabic)
*Can address all family member(except nainai) spontaneously without prompting.
*Able to link each family member to an object. Eg, when he sees a motorcycle, he'll say "Yeye, booboo" and then pat his head, to indicate that his grandpa puts on the helmet and rides on the motorcycle. When he sees a broom, he will say "Mama, boooom" and then do sweeping action, to indicate I sweep the floor with a broom.
*Speak in sentences of 2 words.
Eg: "Mama, yao." to mean "Mama, I want (something which he cannot yet pronounce the name)
"Yeye, ball ball." to mean "Yeye I want fishball."
*Can relate a story of what he did or what happened by signing/showing/words*
*Will imitate actions and sounds of words more readily.
*Able to recognise colours.
*Able to categorize by uses and colours.
*Able to doodle (but shows more interest in markers than pencils/pen)
*Able to roll on the floor and sometimes forward roll.
*Able to hum songs "twinkle twinkle little star" and "this old man"
*Able to run and stop without tripping over.
*Able to touch various body parts
*Able to do various actions such as dance, jog, turn around, hop, stop, stand up, sit down.
*Able to remove own shoes.
*Able to remove shirt with assistance.
*Able to feed with assistance.

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