Sunday, September 14, 2008


Lele has been attending Kindermusik since he was 9mths old. After this term, he would have attended Kindermusik for about 9mths.

Perhaps you might wonder why we let Lele continue for such a long time? Well, simply because he enjoyed lessons. He loved lessons so much that he would burst out crying once Shauna announced the end of lessons, consequetively for 3 lessons. And we do see that he actually learned something from lessons despite being the most active boy throughout.

Some of the things he learnt was:

*Returning the toys: Even if he had lotsa fun playing, he would return the toys each time without fail. Hoarding toys he liked and keeping them to himself somehow never occurred to him...

*Stop and go: He was able to follow the music cue to move and stop.

*Loud and soft: During this activity, Lele wasn't paying attention. But when we tried the activity at home, he could beat the drum loudly and softly without our guidance.

*Following routines: Maybe it was because Lele has been with Kindermusik for so long, that he understands the cues for most routine activities. Here's an anecdote:At the end of lesson, Shauna (the teacher) will sing the goodbye song while bringing a dollie around to give each child a personalised hug and kiss. At the end of one particular lesson, Shauna had barely started singing before Lele ran to the dollie and gave it a hug, before dragging it to his classmate to hug.

From left: Shauna, Lele and mama

Here's the picture of dollie. A total of 3 boys (including Lele) are mesmerised by her. One boy even attempted to grab her by the hair and hoard her to himself... rendering the adults in stitches.

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