Sunday, September 14, 2008


Below are some pictures of the housewarming and prior to it. To mama's horror, she actually forgot to take pictures with the hosts! TskTskTsk...

Not sure whether it's due to lack of sleep, but Lele demonstrated ultra stickiness to mama at the party. He would cry for mama if she went out of sight for more than 5mins. Is this the beginning of separation anxiety?

Oh, Lele said a few new words at the party. He learnt to say Da jiu (big uncle), jiu jiu (uncle) and uncle. Mama's brother claimed he heard him say, "wo yao mama (I want my mama)!" when he was looking for me.

He also learnt how to do "reverse parking". .. That is, he make sure mama is not far behind him and then reverse till he touches mama's lap. Then he will sit there.

Hmm, maybe I should cause Lele more anxiety so he will speak faster? Ha!

"Better do some work-out by running up and down the threadmill at lightning speed, so that mama and papa might be convinced to let me eat my fill at the buffet spread later!"

"No, it's not our housewarming party but we took a family photo all the same! Have you noticed that 4 of us are dressed in red/pink?"
(from top left clockwise: my da jiu (big uncle), his gf (auntie Karen), mama, wai gong (maternal grandpa), my xiao jiu (little uncle), me (trying out a cool stare) n my wai po (maternal grandma).

"Can u see that I'm holding on to an apple slice? This is my 3rd slice (as far as Mama can keep track). Hmm... let's see what other fruits I can have after this.

"Here's a serious pose of Papa and me."

"Mama, are you done? It's tiring to keep up a serious pose, you know."

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