Monday, September 8, 2008


The pair of sandals on the left has served Lele well since he started walking.

No, they are not Lele's first pair of shoes. They are his third. Mama bought them because the first 2 pairs were too big for his feet. She was afraid that it might affect Lele's gait. She figured that since he just started walking and was still unsteady on his feet, a pair of heavy and unfitting shoes will hamper his movements.

Hence, she brought Lele to the store and bought a pair of cloth sandals that were fitting.

Lele loved walking in them. The squeaks they made always prompt him to stamp his feet and dance! His preference for them is so obvious that he will choose this pair of shoes over other pairs when we let him.

Unfortunately, these pair of shoes are now too tight for his feet. Mama will have to put them away. When will they be used again?

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