Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reading in the trains

Ever since Lele was in mama's tummy, papa and her had been reading to him as consistently as they could. Besides children's storybooks, mama also liked to read aloud whatever articles she happened to be reading. When Lele was born, mama and papa thought that Lele would love reading. On the contrary, he seemed to display an aversion to books. More often than not, he would start fussing the moment a book was placed in front of him. As he grew more mobile, Lele would just crawl/walk away during reading sessions.
Even though papa and mama were puzzled by his behaviour, they respected his preference and did not force him to sit with them. They would continue reading while Lele roamed and try to make the stories as interesting as possible to entice him. Ever since young, mama and papa created a reading corner for him. Books were made within easy reach. Whenever he picks up a book, mama would start reading whatever was on that page. It did not matter that the book wasn't properly read from beginning to the end, she thought.
One day, by chance, mama discovered that Lele liked to read while seated in his pram in the train. Since then, she would bring along books when she went out with Lele. Passengers on the train, when they saw him engrossed in books at such a young age, would smile approvingly at us. Of course, mama and papa know that he only liked reading in trains and won't care for them at home.
Gradually, Lele developed his liking to reading, even at home.
Now, he would enjoy being read to before his sleep/naps. Sometimes he would go to his reading corner to flip books and read to himself too. Even his grandparents were impressed at his love of reading.
Mama thinks that Lele managed to develop his love for reading because she never gave up exposing him to books, and finding the right books that Lele would pay attention to.

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