Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brown (soft) rice dinner...

Remember the previous post when I mentioned letting Lele have pearl rice lunch and how he loved it? Well, I prepared brown rice for his dinner and he enjoyed very much. He finished all of 1 1/2 bowl of brown rice in less than 15mins. When all the rice was finished, he gladly took the spoon to self-feed the remaining dishes. Lele is very good at putting food into his mouth with the spoon, with no spillage or "misses", but he's not very good at scooping, still. Hmm, maybe I should prepare some games that involve scooping?

Not sure if you can tell from the picture above (not very appealing, I know...), but I prepared steamed cauli flower, fish and pumpkin to go with the brown rice. I think Lele enjoys being able to see what he is eating and taste a different texture and taste with each combination of dishes:) He kept "reminding" me to add a little fish to his brown rice by pointing to the fish and saying "there, there!!!" all the time.

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