Thursday, September 25, 2008

What a scare!

After the usual morning walk with Lele, we made our way home. In the lift, I asked Lele to press "10" and he pressed "17" instead. The lift door started closing so I pressed "10". Once inside the lift, I put Lele down because he likes to explore the lift.

When the lift arrived at level 10, I stepped out and kept a finger pressed onto the "down" button. I asked Lele to come out, which he will usually do without delay. But today he decided to stay in a little while more.

Just then, to my shock and horror, the door started to close! I pressed onto the "down" button a few times but the door just kept closing. Thinking back, the lift must have been on its way to the 17th floor that's why when I pressed "down" button it didn't work. Should have pressed "up" button instead.

The instant the doors clammed shut and the lift started moving upwards, my mind went blank...

After a second's daze, I went to the nearest staircase and dashed up like a mad woman.

11...12...13...14...15...16...17! All the while, I kept calling out for Lele so the he will hear my voice and be a little reassured.

When I reached 17th floor, I heard Lele crying. I dashed to the lift but he wasn't there! OH NO!

I went around and saw him at the corridor. Thank goodness!

I quickly ran to him and gave him a great hug, telling him,

"It's okay. Don't be scared. Mama is here now."

Luckily, he only cried for a few seconds before resuming cheerfulness.

I'm so glad nothing disastrous happened in this drama. Had he not gotten out of the lift at 17th floor and stayed inside instead, the lift would have just brought him to the 1st floor, or worse still, a stranger might pressed the lift and the lift would have gone down to anywhere. I cannot imagine what I would do if I did not find my dear son at the corridor.

Luckily, all is well and good now.

Really must be more vigilant next time. Must hold the lift door open by placing my hand on the door and not button...

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