Monday, September 15, 2008

Lele at the supermarket

Mama and papa brought Lele along to dinner with their friends at the newly town, Buangkok. While waiting for them, they went to the new supermarket. Mama was very impressed with the spaciousness and huge variety of fresh produce there. No comparison to the one near home.

Papa: This is fishcake, Lele. You love fishcake, don't you?

Lele smackers his lips in agreement.

"Let's rearrange these tubs of margarine... ..."

"... and then run away before mama or papa discovers!"

"Papa says this is apple juice. Must be as yummy as apples..."

Papa: This is cold cold ice-cream, Lele. Try touching it.

Lele: Oooo... let me touch some more!

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