Thursday, September 25, 2008

Finally MMR...

Brought Lele for his MMR (Mumps, Measles and Rubella) immunisation jab today.

This jab is supposed to be administered at 15months, but he was having a bout of coughs and colds which was not serious but took ages to completely clear (about 1 month!).
The jab seemed to be quite painful for him, because he continued to cry after we left the room.
The nurse warned that MMR jab might cause fever which might occur within the next 10 days. So far so good...
Oh, Lele weighs 10.23kg and 82cm.
Lele is getting more and more vocal. With his limited vocabulary, he will attempt to name the things he know, loudly. On the way to the polyclinic for his jab, in the LRT train, Lele suddenly exclaimed, "BAGGGGGG!" and everyone turned to stare at us. Whenever he comes into contact with any strangers, he likes to make eye contact with them and name the things on them which he knows.
I'm happy that Lele enjoys interactions!

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