Sunday, September 21, 2008

3rd day sleeping with Lele

At 6.15am, I woke to see Lele sound asleep and without his blankie, so I got up to cover him up.

He sprang up and said,

Then he started fussing and pointed to the shelf (where milk bottles are kept) saying,
"There, there!"

I realised he must have been hungry since his last feed was 7pm the night before. So I made milk, gave it to him and went back to sleep, feeling more than a little angry to have disrupted sleep yet again for the 3rd night running.

While I was trying to fall back to sleep, I could hear him tossing and turning. I knew he wasn't asleep. His tossing and turning kept me up too. I was tired and irritated.

"Sooner or later as the day brightens, Lele is going to fuss and cry for me to get him out. Argh...", I thought.

True enough, when it was around 7am, he started to fuss and cry loudly. At the same time I felt sorry for him that he has such disrupted sleep, not able to sleep well despite being obviously tired, I was quite pissed off too.

I raised my voice at him and said to him, still lying on my bed,
"Why can't you just go back to sleep? Why must you always wake up this way?"

And I turned right over and ignored him totally. He whimpered a little but did not fuss or cry anymore. After a while, I decided to get up. Turned to him and was surprised to see he had fallen asleep. That was 7.30 am. He only got up around 9-ish.

I'm beginning to think that sooner or later I'll be able to enjoy peaceful co-sleeping with Lele... hmm...

Reallie hope he will get back to his usual sleep pattern before the week ends.

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