Monday, September 29, 2008

2 challenges

Lele's top 2 challenges right now are:

1) Self-feeding

2) Go nappyless

For 1), Lele made significant progress from rejecting the whole idea of self-feeding using spoon to being able to self-feed the full breakfast feed of cereal this morning. I was so over-the-moon!

For 2), Lele doesn't seem to be ready yet because he doesn't seem to mind even when his diaper is so heavy it's drooping, and fuss like mad whenever we have to stop his play and bring him to the washroom for a pee. In order to get back to his play asap, he would often stop his pee halfway, saying, "No more. No more."
But I wanna start slow and steady with this. My "strategy" is to let him go diaperless for as many ocassions as possible so he can start to appreciate the difference from being diaper-clad. Perhaps he will start to enjoy being diaperless and reject the diaper!
That'd be great!

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