Monday, August 25, 2008

How many words do you know?

Okay, lemme see... how many words does Lele know?

1) Yeye (his grandpa)
2) Mama (me!)
3) Papa
4) ballball
5) bearbear
6) ba (to mean bus)
7) ye (to mean yes)
8) yao (mandarin for "want")
9) no
10) there
11) no more
12) bao (mandarin for "carry")
13) bobo (to mean "bottle"... okay, bobo is not exactly a word, I know...)

Lele has developed his own sign language too, to convey his thoughts and feelings. Below are a few.
1) Wave 1 arm in front of himself: dancing to the music/motorcycle passing/aeroplane flying
2) jogging on the spot: dancing to the music
3) wave one index finger across the floor in sweeping motion: sweeping with broom
4) pat his own head: put on the helmet
5) put 1 fist on nape of neck while the other hand pats the fist: sleeping
6) shake head: protest/ resistance
7) pat chest: scared/to indicate himself
8) wipe palms across face: wash face
9) move finger back and forth mouth: brush teeth
10) move hand across hair: comb hair

Lele likes to mimick us too. He will mimick us to do the cat "meow meow" and dog "wowo". When we ask him,
"Lele, how do you cry?"
He will mimick his own high-pitched wail.
Even though he has never seen his grandpa and papa jog before, he actually demonstrated a funny version of "jogging" by running with his head bent, when we asked him to "go jogging".

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