Monday, September 8, 2008

A new game!

Mama created the above game for Lele to test his classification skills. She got out some magnetic pictures of different kinds of transportation. Then she created 3 pictures of (from left) the sea, sky and road.

Understanding that young toddlers get distracted when presented with too many things at the same time, she took care not to give Lele all of the above at once.

First, she showed Lele the magnetic board with the pictures attached. She pointed to the pictures 1 by 1 and pronouced their names to Lele. Then she removed 2 of them, the motorcycle and helicopter, and asked,

"What goes on the road (show picture of road), motorcycle or helicopter?"

Lele correctly took the motorcycle.

Mama was surprised to find that Lele got all the pictures right even though some of the transportation like fighter jet and rocket, he had never seen in action before. She was pleased that Lele's association and inferencing skills were apt.

The next day, Mama took out the same things again. This time, she showed the magnetic board with pictures to Lele and then a picture of the road. She asked,

"What goes on the road?"

Lele was able to pick out the right form of transportation from amongst the pictures!

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