Friday, September 19, 2008

what a morning...

Gave Lele a purple marker to doodle on paper, but he had better ideas...

"Hooray, a purple marker! Been thinking about it since the last time we 'met'! Let's see whether it still leaves marks on my palms... it does!"

"This is great! No need for paper hoo hoo hoo..."

"I'm done! Let's put the cap back and do something else."

"Now let's empty out my basket of toys..."

"Hey you, old toy. Lemme see whether I can find a new way to play with you..."

"I'm bored. Hmm, let's call my friend for a chitchat."

"Hello, kitten. It's me Lele... I'm bored at home... You too? It's not easy being little..."

"*Hugs and kisses* Bye kitten!"

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