Sunday, October 12, 2008

U dialled what?

Guess what? Lele dialled triple 9 last Fri afternoon...
By accident, I think (or not?). I was busy in the kitchen when the phone rang. MIL picked up the phone and passed it to FIL. After a brief exchange, he hung up. MIL came to the kitchen and exclaimed,

"Lele dialled 999!"

I was like,

"No kidding!"

Turned out that Lele must have indeed pressed 999 on the dial pad of the telephone in ILs' bedroom by accident, before running away to another place. The police called and asked for my FIL. They asked him if anyone dialled 999 a moment ago. FIL thought the police had made a mistake. When they insisted that someone had indeed dialled 999, FIL recalled seeing Lele play with the telephone just a while ago and told them,

"It must have been my 17mth old grandson who dialled 999 accidentally while playing with the telephone..."

The police was not amused, however. They told FIL sternly that a warning letter will be issued to us, and a penalty of $5000 imposed should the same thing happen again... ... ...

WOW... what an over-reaction.

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