Tuesday, October 7, 2008

mo mo mo mo mo mo

During playtime, Lele decided to visit his reading corner. He picked up the book, 'I like the altar', which we had gotten for him since he was teeny tiny. This book is a board book for children to know more about our buddhist altar. Lele surprised me by putting down the book, clasping his hands together, and moving it up and down while saying,

"Mo mo mo mo mo mo"

I suspected that he was imitating our buddhist chant but was not sure. So I requested of him,

"Lele, how do you chant nam myo ho renge kyo?"

And he repeated the same actions!

Nobody taught him to do that but Lele took his iniative to chant. When we asked him,

"Lele, when you are sad, what must you do?"

He will answer with

"Mo mo mo mo mo mo"

It touches me somewhat that I should be strong in faith so that Lele will have strong faith too. I hope he will grow up to be a leader of faith!

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