Monday, October 13, 2008

Lele's current best fren

It used to be Donkey (an Eeyore soft toy which we named Donkey). Bear Bear had always been taking a backseat in Yeye's car, literally. Lele loves to cuddle Bear Bear whenever he took a ride in Yeye's car, but was happy to say goodbye to him when it's time to go home. Bear Bear and Lele lived in 2 separate worlds which sometimes mingled, until one day... things changed. Lele decided to bring Bear Bear back home.
Once home, he was "Bear Bear" this and "Bear Bear" that. Whenever he reads storybooks with bear in it, he will rush to Bear Bear. As far as I could remember, Bear Bear is in Lele's arms most of the time. Once or twice when Lele had minor bumps or falls, he cried for Bear Bear. Once Bear Bear is in his arms, he seemed to calm down quicker! I thought,
"There's something about Bear Bear that made Lele love him so much. Even Donkey did not enjoy such treatment from Lele..."

Sometimes when we are about to go for a walk, Lele will insist on bringing Bear Bear. Most times, I managed to coax him out of it, but once (or twice) he just gotta have Bear Bear...

Above is a vid of Lele playing with the rolly-polly man (silly name? I know and I named him heehee...). Noticed how gancheong Lele was when Bear Bear fell from the sitting position to lying down position. After ensuring Bear Bear's "safety", Lele was so happie he sang a Bear Bear song to the tune of "twinkle twinkle little star", while swaying his body. Papa says he loves Lele's carefree look whenever he enjoys himself. So do I...

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