Monday, October 13, 2008

Last class of Kindermusik... ... ...

Last Sun was the last lesson of the term for Lele's Kindermusik class. We have decided to discontinue Kindermusik as we want to explore other classes which involve not only music&movement but also other aspects such as gymnastics. Currently on my lists of to-try are Seimpi and JWT. Will bring Lele to the trial classes and see if we (Lele and I) like it.
Below are the pics taken during Kindermusik lesson.

With Miss Callyn, the instructor. She had just been our instructor for 3 lessons since Miss Shauna left.

With a fellow classmate (same age as Lele) and her mummy. Chloe will also be discontinuing.

Notice the "thing" above Lele? That's the parachute, which is a huge piece of circular cloth with many colours. Lele loves zooming around underneath it!

I dunno when. I dunno how. But hope to see you again, parachute!

Lele and papa during one activity.

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