Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Separation anxiety?

Quite tired these few days due to Lele's irregular nap patterns. Had wanted to log off but couldn't resist the urge to blog kekeke. Okay, just for a while...

Since young, Lele has never shown separation/stranger anxiety. Though not the smiliest of babies, he will stretch out his arms to anyone who offers to carry him. Ofter times, people commented that Lele is very calm and not afraid of strangers.

Ever since I stopped working 5months ago however, Lele started to become ever-clingy to me. This is fine and I guess only natural since he was probably just afraid that I might go back to work and disappear again hence the stickiness. I expected the stickiness to wear off but it only got stronger.

Initially he would stick to me and ignore nainai whenever it was just her and me. When yeye comes home, he would gladly follow him around to play with him. More often than not, he would choose to let yeye carry him as long as he offers. When yeye's about to go out, he will want to follow.

Nowadays he pays even less attn to nainai and significantly little attn to yeye. Whereas previously, Lele will clamour for yeye's attn whenever he was in the house, now he will just continu whatever he was doing even when yeye arrives home from work. Even when yeye carried him, he will say "Down!" after just a while and run over to whereever I was. Previously, Lele just cannot resist a trip down to Yeye's car with his dearest Yeye, when he will be allowed to take the driver's seat and meddle with the steering wheels and stuff. Now, even that cannot "tempt" him to leave me. No matter where and with whom, Lele will not follow as long as he knows I won't be going along.

Even naps have been disrupted. Previously, Lele will fall asleep on his own after I leave the room. But now he will start to cry the moment I start to lower him into the cot. I needed to sooth him by patting him while he was in the cot and he will calm down but struggle to keep droopy eyelids up for fear I will leave. Once I leave, he will start to fuss. Sometimes he will fuss for more that 30mins and I will have to bring him out. Many naps have been lost this way.

Tired mama and Lele.

Even though Lele seems to be having separation anxiety now, he doesn't have stranger anxiety. He is still very willing to interact with anybody he meets outside. He stills sings, laughs, talks and plays like his usual self when we are in public. I hope the separation anxiety, which is only a normal development of most if not all children's lives, passes quickly!

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Dillion's Mum said...

Dillion going through same phase too except that he is still ok with my MIL
he will not want me to put him down when i carried him and its hard for me to cook his meals at times