Saturday, October 11, 2008

2nd splishsplash

Today is Sat and Papa made an impromptu suggestion to bring Lele swimming @ Anchorvale. Papa and Lele splish splash around in the pool while Mama took loads of papa-son loveydovey pics.
Initially, Lele seemed quite overwhelmed (by all the commotion and activities, perhaps?). He clung onto papa like a Koala bear and kept shaking his head n patting his chest. He didn't seem to enjoy the baby pool and kept pointing to the competitive pool (now what does that mean?). He was so uncooperative in the baby pool and so persistent in his request to visit tht competitive pool that Papa had to walk over to the competitive pool several times.

Luckily, a gorgor (about 6-7yrs old) came to save the day. He went over to papa and Lele to kicksplash joyfully in front of him, as if to invite Lele to join in.
With gor gor around, Lele began to kicksplash himself!
As he grew more confident in the water, he even began to wade in the water on his own... to the center where all the mini 'waterfalls' are. Once, Lele even tried a new stunt. He bent his knees to lower his upper body into the water. As expected, some water got into his mouth but he took that in the spirit of fun and wasn't bothered at all: )

A GREAT THANKS TO KIND GOR GOR AND JIEJIE (who joined in later). They made Lele 2nd pool exp so much funner! Both Mama and Papa (I'm sure Lele too) hope to meet this kind gorgor again!
After the papa-lele bonding session, mama n papa could see that Lele was obviously closer to papa and showed more affection to him. He sang papa song and hugged him spontaneously, and asked papa to carry him several times. Even before bed time, he insisted on going out of the bedroom to look for papa and say gd night to him.............................................awwwwwwwwwwwwww...........................................
Mama is very touched by papa's effort and Lele's love for papa. Despite papa's super hectic work schedules, he made a lot of effort to do small things with Lele as and when he can. Even today, papa had to wake up early to go to work, but he suggested a swim session and proposed to keep Lele company so that mama can rest, even though he could have just rested at home. Mama also knows that Lele looks up to his father, even though his papa doesn't see him much (sometimes papa sees Lele only 2times in a week). Mama thinks Lele loves papa because he can feel papa's love for him.

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