Monday, October 6, 2008

Grouchy morning

Lele did not have a good night last night. He woke once at 4.35a.m., I gave some milk and he went back to sleep. At 6-ish, he woke again. I found his bedtime companion (a hankie), gave it to him and went back to sleep. Not sure if he went back to sleep, though. At 7.30a.m., he grew impatient with me and fussed for me to bring him out. And I did. But both he and me were grouchy, tired and fussy...

We just spent time in the house and skipped the routine morning walk cos I was afraid to tire him out. Put him in for his morn nap at 9.30a.m.. He fell asleep by 10a.m. and slept for slightly more than 2 hours.

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