Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mama, Goop!

Not too long ago, I blogged about Lele's attachment to a bear plush toy. I thought his relationship with it might last a while. How wrong!
Lele is now with a new love...

A green scoop (show the pic next time).

One fine day, Lele went into the kitchen and opened the drawer looking for things to play with. He saw the green scoop and decided he loved it. From that day on, he and the scoop was almost inseparable. He took it with him to baths, for play, to the outdoors, anywhere. If I had let him, he would bring it to bed too. No matter how much he insisted and fussed (big time!), I just cannot say yes to letting him sleep with the scoop for safety reasons. For almost a week, the first thing Lele did when he got up in the morn was to go to the kitchen, open the drawer and get the green scoop out! It's quite a funny sight actually. Very amusing to see how much fun a tod can c in a simple (in adults' eyes) item as a green scoop.

Not amusing when he misplaced it during his play time and came looking for me saying,

"Mama, goop!"

Poor me would then have to stop whatever I was doing and helped him look for the not-very-big goop...

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