Thursday, October 23, 2008

Transitioning to 1 nap...or not?

I'm so confused by Lele's erratic nap patterns nowadays. Previously, he will take 2 naps faithfully. Just a matter of long or short.
Now he will start fussing the moment I try lowering him onto bed, fuss for a good 5 mins after I leave the room and continue to talk/play/sing/fuss for up to 30mins even when he is very tired. Sometimes he will fall asleep on his own, but other times he will continue fussing till I have to go in to check on him (diaper etc), sooth him abit and then he will sleep. If he had a short morning nap, I will let him take an afternoon nap, which will happen as well.

The above is just the GOOD day.

On BAD days, he will fuss so hard for so long that I have to bring him out to let him play, which he will gladly do (grrr...) and then bring him into the bedroom to sleep. Sometimes he will fall asleep after some patpat, but other times he will fuss very hard the minute he saw that I wasn't in the room. Then I will have no choice but to bring him out, let him have lunch first before trying again. Only THEN will Lele take his nap...

So I wonder if Lele is ready for a single nap.

If he is, why does he still take 2 naps on most days?

If he is not, why does he resist his morning nap so much and stay so energetic for so long?


I'll just see how often Lele miss the morning nap. If he starts missing it more often than not, I'll save us both the agony of the morning nap.


Dillion's Mum said...

will Lele sleep longer if he takes single nap in the afternoon?
if so perhaps you can consol his nap after lunch coz if he goes childcare, he will only have 1 nap. so good time to train him :)

MummyCake said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I dun recall him sleeping for much longer if he missed the morning nap lei... Will observe that point from now on tho.