Sunday, October 5, 2008

surprise surprise

Lele said "yao (want)" to 2 things which he will always shake his head to, pee-ing and drinking water.

1) Peeing
I went into the bathroom for a pee and Lele pushed the door open to get in. As usual, he meddled with the bath things while I did my thing.
Me: Lele, mama is pee-ing. Do you want to pee?
Lele: Yao.
So I pulled down his pants and let him pee. He pee-ed without fuss but as usual said "No more" after just a bit of pee. Usually, I will ask him to pee some more and he will start to fuss. But since he was so cooperative this time, I 'believed' him once he said that and allowed him to get out of the bathroom.

2) Water
Lele and me were reading his favourite bedtime story, 'Time for Naps'. When it reached the part where the protagonist puts his pet puppy to bed, Lele pointed, as always, to a cup of water in the picture. And as usual, I asked him,
"Gor gor (protagonist) got some water for puppy to drink. Do you want some water?"
Very surprisingly, he said,
I asked him 4 or 5 times to confirm and each time his answer was affirmative! So I got a cup of water for him and he finished the whole cup with satisfying "Mmmm" after each gulp.

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