Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lele the cuddly bear

Usually for Lele's morning nap, mama will carry him in her arms and hum/sing a song to him for a while (5-10mins) and then put him down on his bed. Recently, he has started to resist whenever mama starts to show signs that she's gonna put him down. But once mama leaves the room, he will stop fussing soon after and play/talk to himself for 10-15mins, after which he will fall asleep.Yesterday morning, however, Lele's on-off fussing did not stop cease even after 30mins. Mama went in to check on him. When she left, Lele kept crying for,
"Mama, mama, mama, mama, MAMAMAMAMAMAAAAAAAA"
So mama decided to bring him out for a while before trying again. When yeye saw that Lele was unusually fussy, he carried him and played w him for sometime, then he lied down on the sofa to take a nap. Lele fussed when he saw that. He climbed onto the sofa and even fell asleep for half an hour to yeye's soft humming...

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