Friday, October 3, 2008

Lele and the ballpool

When Lele was first introduced to the ballpool when he was 13mths old, he was more cautious than excited. Guess he felt overwhelmed at first cos when we put him in, he just stayed in the same position for a while!

"Ohmyohmy, whaddo I do with so many b...b...ballsssss??? Let's sit still for a while and observe their movements."

"Hmm, these small round thingies seem safe enough to throw..."

"Wow, there must be zillions of balls here! So many I can even wade (or swim?) in them!"

Since then, we have not brought Lele to anymore ballpools until recently. Only 4months and we could see how much more reassured he was in the ballpool. He was totally at ease and seemed to enjoy having so many children playing around him. There was this girl who tirelessly amused Lele by jumping into the ballpool!

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