Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lele's current reads

Fave bedtime story: I Love You Through and Through by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak
This is a book about the love between a lil boy and his soft toy bear. Since Lele also has a bear which he loves to bits, I told him that the boy is Lele and the bear is his Bear Bear.
The book is made of short sentences which I "read" by singing out each phrase with a made-up tune. I think I'm a better singer-reader than reader-reader. Hence most of the books read to a tune of some sort.
Lele loves the book so much that he will not let me finish it. When we reach the last 2 pages of the book, Lele will say, "Yao!" and hurriedly flip to the beginnin so that I can start over. After the 4th or 5th time repetition, I have to coax the book out of his hands. I could have gone on and on with countless repetitions, but Lele was yawning away and was obviously tired.

Fave daytime story: A Child's First 123 COUNTING by Alison Jay
This is a book which I love as much as Lele! I love it so much that I'm gonna buy it so that it will be in my possession forever. See, most of the Lele's books including this one are borrowed from the lib. We did buy books for him but to be honest, his interest in the books I thought he'd like and bought for him was so mild.
This book about counting is so interesting, simple yet impressive! Everything about it right down to the nitty gritty details was well-considered by the author. Each page is linked to the other in a magical (I kid you not) way that everytime Lele and I read the book (to the tune of "ten little indian boys"), Lele and I will discover some new details...
I have never come across such a counting book! Better stop before I start to sound like a salesperson but I will definitely recommend this book for anybody's fruitful read...

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