Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Progress on self-feeding and going diaperless

Lele can now scoop food with his spoon and put the spoon into his mouth without spillage! YEH!!! He hasn't tried self-feeding an entire meal yet, but for most morning feeds of cereal, I will scoop abit of his cereal into a shallow bowl (so that it'll cool faster) and let him self-feed.
When he finishes and wants some more, I'll scoop abit more into his bowl again. When he tires, I will just feed him the remaining food. This way, the cereal will not turn too cold for him.
Even for his lunch and dinner, Lele will also self-feed gladly especially if he sees his fave foods like pumpkin/fish. But sometimes, he will shake his head to self-feeding because he wanna play while being fed:(

Going diaperless
According to plan, I allowed Lele to go diaperless with just his pants on for as much of the day as possible apart from naps. He goes diaperless even for his morning and afternoon walks, which can last up to an hour each time. I think his bladder capacity is getting bigger and his ability to hold the urge to pee stronger, because I've not have "accidents" during the morning walk for the entire week.

Even though Lele will still fuss when we have to stop his play and bring him to the bathroom to pee, he fusses much lesser and cooperates in peeing. A few times he even indicated he wanted to pee!

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