Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Funny Lele

I'm sure he's not the only one among tods his age, but my dear son Lele reallie tickles my funny bones nowadays!

One morning Lele woke and was playing alone in the bedroom. I opened the door ever-so-slightly to peep in. Lele was counting the bears on his bedsheet! He said, "5... 6.........(pause)......7" then asked himself, "Anymore?" and then flipped over a pillow before replying, "no more"
Then he gave a funnie, "Hmm...no more..."

Yesterday during his day nap, I was lying next to him pretending to be asleep. Suddenly he said, "Want to sleep with mama" and then climbed onto me. He laid on my chest for a while before climbing up to my face to give me a peck on the lips! I opened my eyes to see the sweetest toothy grin a tod can master and my heart melted as we looked each other in the eye.

One day, Lele and I were taking our morning walk when I sneezed. He said, "mama sneezed. Lele thinking of mama." So funny but so sweet...

One morning I woke earlier than lele and was watching telly when I heard lele calling from bedroom, "mama, mama, mama, mama!" This is strange because usually he will come knock on his bedroom door so that I will go open and let him out. I went in quickly and saw him lying on the mattress.
Me: Why did you call for mama?
Lele: bedsheet came off. Lele call mama to put bedsheet back.
... ...

Lele's favourite colour is green. We know because he told us, and also because he will always choose green things whenever there's a choice. I bought playdough for him and made sure there is green dough. To my surprise, he refused to allow anyone to touch that and not even hinmself has played with it. If you ask me, it seems he is treasuring his favourite green colour dough and dun wan any messing around with it. How else to explain why he always wants to open the yellow dough when he explicitly refused anything else yellow?

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