Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2nd birthday celebration (part 1)

This is my maternal grandmother, whose birthday falls on 18th April. I had a joint celebration with her:)

This is the birthday cake which I chose by myself! Even though there was another design with Pooh bear drawn on it, I insisted on the "hamster" cake because of 3 lovely hamsters on it. Now the 3 hamsters are my sleep-pals as well as play-pals.

When is they going to sing the happie birthday song and cut the cake? Wai4 Po2's pretty cool about it but I'm not... Can't wait to sink my teeth into those hamsters...

Here's me enjoying my "hamster" cake. It was quite a pity that the hamsters turned out inedible. I kept asking to eat them but mama explained that they are toys, not food.
Even though I had my fill of dinner, I managed to stomach 1 1/2 pieces of the delicious cake. YUMYUMYUM!
Soon, it was time to greet everyone goodnight. I had a wonderful time. THANKS to da4jiu4 and Karen jiejie for the lovely dinner! Mama will upload a quan jia fu next time.

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