Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2nd birthday celebration (part2)

2 days before my birthday, I held a 2nd birthday celebration at GUG with my mama, papa, teacher Wei, teacher Joyce and friends! Since the "hamster" cake was so YUMYUMYUMMY, I insisted on bringing that to the classroom.
To my utter disappointment, mama said that we'll biring a "cat" cake instead............................:(
I was pretty upset at first, until she got it through to me that I had chosen the "cat" cake myself at the cake shop some time ago. This "cat" cake is delicious too (more delicious than "hamster" cake, in mama's opinion), but I still prefer the "hamster" cake, as I could bring home 3 lovely Hamtaro hamsters for that one:p

Kids... we are reallie easy to please, aren't we?

As the birthday celebration this time round is more personalised with all my friends and loved ones, I was reallie excited throughout lesson. I enjoyed the entire session thoroughly!

Hope birthdays come by more than twice a year...

Teacher Joyce, me and Teacher Wei doing our smiley pose. Mama calls this the "smiley face" pose.

me, mama and papa, who rushed down from work. THANKS, papa!
I love ya!

The cake is here... ... but where am I? I declared, "WANT TO PEE." at the crucial moment and demanded papa to bring me to the wash room, hence the MIA. Sorrie to keep u waiting, friends.

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