Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Family outing to Chinatown

Hi, everyone!
I went for an outing to Chinatown in just days before Chinese New Year. I went with my yeye, nainai, papa, mama and shushu! The following are some long overdue pictures of the outing, but I should count my luckie stars they even made it to the blog:p

Mama had put off uploading the pics for so long she almost forgot about it, but in the end decided to put up these pictures (FINALLY) because she thought my beloved shushu might be happie to see some pictures of his family... ....

You see, my dearest shushu is far away in Australia now. I know exactly where he is and what he is doing. But the adults (esp my nainai) don't seem to trust me. They keep asking me,

"Where is shushu?"

I'll reply,


Then they will 99.99% of the time follow with another predictable question,

"What is shushu doing in Australia?"

And I'll reply with either,

"Read books."


"du2 shu1 (read book in mandarin)."

Even though mama explained to me that shushu needs to take an aeroplane to a faraway place call Australia to attend a school there, I find it hard to understand why he could not have simply stay at home to read books...

Well, I guess I'm just too young to understand some adult actions...
Nainai, me (munching at some very sour plums) and yeye with the God of Fortune at background
As I was too distracted by the sour plums, I was made to pose for another picture. Much better?
Shushu and me! Shushu is my favourite playmate in the family. Now that shushu is in Australia, I always pester yeye or mama to play with me. Shhh... I think I hear mama panting away now...:p
My little legs got wobblie after walking for some time in the sweltering heat. Let me take a rest... Huh? You calling for me?

My eyes lit up at the mention of some cool coconut juice. Yumyum!

A sip of coconut juice is all I need to feel energised again...

No way am I going to try the coconut pulp, though. They look kind of suspicious...

Mama was happie to have the pulp all to herself since I refused to touch it.

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