Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Long time no blog...

It's been a very long time since I last updated my blog... why?
A little bit of busy, tired, lazy and lack-of-personal-space all mixed together.

I've stopped so long dun even know how to start!

Guess I'll have to start with latest development in Lele's life...

Shushu, play toy!
well, his uncle (my BIL) got back from Aus for the hols (upload the pics later) and has become Lele's best "playtoy" fren. After the initial shyness (afterall, he left for Aus since Lele was just 9mths old), Lele quickly warmed up to him. Whenever he sees his uncle, Lele will burst into smiles and say,

"Play toy!!!"

Then he'll grab his hand and lead him to his uncle's bedroom.

I think that by now Lele has a strong image of each of our roles in relation to him and will behave accordingly. With his uncle and papa, Lele will behave very playfully. He will have twinkles in his eyes and also fool around alot more. With his yeye, he will play just as much but not as wild. With nainai, he will usually associate with food.

With me?

I guess I'm abit of everything to him, but there are certain things he only associate me with. He will only want me to read bedtime stories and put him to bed if I were around. If I weren't, then he'll let other people do it.

New skills
Oh, Lele is now able to self-feed all his meals:) albeit messily. I'm very proud of his self-feeding speed, which is the same as when the meal was fed to him, at home or outside. Him being able and willing to self-feed meant that I can do other things while he feeds himself, like get my own breakfast and rush some small chores. It also meant I dun have to constantly try to grab his attention with toys while feeding him, because all his attention will be held up in self-feeding. Result is less stress during meal times!
Still working on getting Lele to be toilet-trained. He seldom have "accidental leaks" when diaperless nowadays but he will not tell us when he needs to go and just hold it in. Maybe I should try waiting for him to actually tell me before I bring him to the bathroom?

In the span of 2/3 weeks (or a month?), Lele has started speaking in sentences. He can express himself using sentences most of the time. This is really amazing to all of us because he says the funniest things!
Anecdote 1: In aid to his language dev, I taught his to say " So-and-so, where are you?" when his toys or anything else get missing. Yesterday he was looking for a "meimei bear" plush toy. So I told him to call out for it. He said in all seriousness,

"Meimei bear!!! Where are you hide there???"

All of us (his nainai, shushu and me) burst out laughing. I explained that I only taught "Where are you" but he insisted on adding "hide there" in usage. It is as if he answers his own question haha...

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