Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First time ever

2 days ago before Lele's GUG lesson, we had abit of time so I went for an iced coffee treat from Yakun. It wasn't our first time there but for some reason Lele became the object of interest of the staff aunties. One auntie saw Lele and exclaimed,

"So cute!"

Then she gestured to another to see. They started commenting on his cuteness etc when one blurted out,

"If only he were a girl, then it'd have been perfect! He's like a small chilli."


I half jokingly protested,

"Oh no, please don't say that!"

And another auntie hurriedly said,

"No lah no lah. Not like girl la."

Lele was often mistaken for a girl when he was a wee babe cos (I think) of his big eyes, small mouth and thick hair. But I have never thought of receiving such blatant comments about him looking like a girl!

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