Friday, April 24, 2009

Reading habits.

Lele loves reading more and more. Daniel and I are truly glad about it because this is the one expectation we had of him, to raise a book-lover son.
From showing not a pinch of interest or crying/fussing at the sight of books to loving them, we had come a long way to achieve it.

Nowadays, Lele loves to ask for books.

When he wakes in the morning, he will ask to read a book or 2 in his bedroom before I bring him for wash-up n change of clothes (out of his PJs).

Before his nap, he will request for a book or 2.

During his play in the day, he will request for a book or 2 when he wants to take a break (as I see it).

Before his bedtime, he will request for a book or 2. Sometimes, when it's past his bedtime by quite alot because we were out, I will suggest skipping. But he wants at least to have 1 book read to him.

If we are out in a train, bus or cab, Lele will also request for a book. It has become my habit to always pack 2 books in my bag when going out.

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