Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cause for concern?

1) Was bored in the late afternoon so brought Lele to the playground to play ball. We were the only ones there till a father came with his girl who was younger than Lele. I asked Lele to pass the ball to meimei, and he went to her and hit her on the head with it! Thankfully the ball was very soft. I promptly apologised to the father and asked Lele to apologised, which he readily did. Straight after he said casually,


He started tugging at the girl's shirt. Yikes!

Again, I had to apologise to father and made Lele apologise. The father looked quite displeased.

This is not the first time Lele acted rough towards other toddlers in recent days. If you ask me, I feel that Lele is merely trying to interact but not sure how. Probably since he can be as rough as he wants with us adults, which are his playmates more often than not, he doesn't yet realise that there's a different way of playing with toddlers.


The only way I can think of is to create more opportunities for Lele to interact with other toddlers and guide him in behaving more gently/amiably.


I can send Lele to a childcare centre where he will get to interact lots with other children...

Will consider.


Dillion's Mum said...

oh i totally u/s your concerns! bcoz D behaves the same way!
he may pull hair.. hug them.. and he can get too friendly with strangers like pulling an adult stranger's hand all a sudden.

i agree.. that his way of saying Hi.. and i also dunno how to change him as i think we were partly at fault for teaching him to be friendly to people since young

and CC is our consideration too

MummyCake said...

Thanks for sharing:) I'm quite sure Lele has taken a step-up in social skills cos previously Lele would ignore other tods in playground or when I meet up with friends and their kids.

Now he acknowledges their presence, shares food with them and also talks to me about them.

Perhaps we should give our young ones more opportunities to interact and just let time do the rest:)