Monday, June 29, 2009

Lele's first play!

Lele went for his first play, "Tiger Loses Its Stripes" yesterday. The above is a picture taken with the casts. As this is a play meant for 2 year-old (and older) audiences, the mat which we were sitting on was packed with young tods like Lele and also many older preschool children. The casts did their best to engage the attention of their young audiences, but we could hear many cries from children who wanted to be somewhere else. As for Lele, he enjoyed some parts of the play. Even though he didn't sit still throughout, but he did very well by keeping relatively quiet and not disturbing others. I'm proud of him! I'll definitely bring him to another play but this play should be of a story he had read about, such as "The Gingerbread Man".

After the play, we went for some food. On the way, Papa and Lele played hide-and-seek.

Posing with Singa the Lion.

Lele was quite curious about this life buoy, because he has read about it from book, "Curious George" but has not seen the real thing so up close before.

Playing with Merlion water.

Barely minutes into play, Lele got wet through. The boy on extreme left started sweeping water at Lele repeatedly and made his clothes all wet. What was his daddy doing? Busy filming his oh-so-cute son splashing at us that he didn't even bother apologising. Duh... some people have the sense of a cow.
What mischief are you up to now ?

"I'll dip my hair into the water!"

Poorly taken because the Merlion was simply too big.

Trying to touch little Merlion's water fountain but it was too far away.

Looking at boats.

Lele's fascinated with rivers, boats and ships. Hope to bring Lele on one soon...

Bend the knees... JUMP!

Climb back up to try again, to the unamusement of papa.

Boy sculptures revisited.
On our way back home though the sky garden, Lele decided to carry our bag as his own. He liked to carry it on his shoulders but since his shoulders were too small and the bag threatened to fall off, he tilted his head to a the side where the straps are and raised his arm so as to keep the bag from falling.

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