Saturday, June 27, 2009

Flu jab

Brought Lele for his flu jab yesterday (Fri). The flu jab is not compulsory but Daniel wanted all 3 of us to get the jab because he felt that in the case that we get at least we will be qui the flu, at least we can be sure that its not caused by the flu virus we vaccinated against. In light of the H1N1 situation not, he felt this is one measure we can take to protect ourselves.

We went to a private clinic near us. The jab cost $29 each. We didn't want to visit the polyclinic as there will be more patients there and probably more germs. Lele watched as I received my jab. He was fascinated. When it was his turn, he leaned over my shoulder to look at a toy an assistant brought for him. While he was exploring,the doc pricked him. He didn't see the needle going in as the doc injected his thigh, but he felt the slight prick and whined a little. The doc said calmly,

"Oh... what happened? A mosquito pricked you?"

Then she quickly whisked out a deflated balloon and a pump to inflate the balloon for Lele. Before he got over his happiness over receiving this gift, she brought many Thomas the Train stickers for him to choose one. These 2 gifts completely distrated him away from the injection! He only whined a little bit more when the doc proceeded to put plaster on the pricked area.

I told him that the plaster is needed to cover up the pain brought by the mosquito. He agreed with this explanation. He was pretty pleased with this doc:)

After the jab, my arm felt abit number and pain for the whole day till next morning. As for Lele he seemed just as energetic.

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