Saturday, June 20, 2009

National Blood Donors Day

Was invited to the Birdpark with Weiqin and her daughter, Xinle. Blood donors (Weiqin's husband is one of them) get 2 complimentary tickets and subsequent tickets are only $8 each. Other perks include free lunch, drinks and fruit (Fuji apple which Lele ate as lunch because he fancied nothing else in the lunchpack).

As can be expected, the place was swarmed with people. Actually, I had not known about the Blood Donors promo. Had I known, I would probably not have lugged Lele all the way from Punggol to Jurong, just to squeeze with the crowd. Lele did not fully enjoy himself too as he were still "recovering" from our stay at Sentosa, which included many delayed naps and late nights for him.
Having said all of the above, I think it was nice to catch up with Weiqin after such a long time:) It was a pity we did not take many pictures as we were both caught up in running after our active children.

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