Saturday, June 20, 2009

International Museum Day

Brought Lele to the Asian Civilisation Museum on Internation Museum Day (31stMay). On this day, all admissions to museums are free. The place was super packed with people, with the majority queueing up to visit the Kangxi emperor exhibition. In the end, we did not join the queue and instead just watched a video on sports with origins from China. Then Daniel brought restless Lele for a walk along the river. He was gone pretty long so I went to look for them. It turned out that Lele was so fascinated with several sculptures of boys getting ready to jump into the river. He kept saying,

"Want to touch boy sculpture penis!"
Above is a picture we took of him in one of his countless assault of poor boy sculpture. Just look at the twinkle in his eye! He even insisted we touch too, haha! When I refused, he pulled my hand and "forced" me:p

Lele just couldn't keep his hands off the boys.

Trying to get me to touch the penis of one sculpture.

We only took a few pics because Lele was mostly at the river:s. There were also too many people in the museum and too hot a weather for snapping. Above is parting shot taken of Lele and his da4jiu4 before we headed to Chinatown for dinner.

Picture of Lele, wai4po2 and wai4gong1 on our walk to Chinatown. Lucky Lele was carried in different arms all the way to Chinatown (1/2 hour walk). He fell asleep on Karen's shoulders and woke when we arrived at the destination.

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