Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Visit to school B

On Tuesday, Lele and I visited a school near us. This is the 2nd school which we have visited that is within walking distance. The other one is school L, but this one turned out to be even further away than L... It is too far to walk with a toddler (15 to 20 mins) but too near to take public transport. I seriously don't mind the distance if I have a bicycle. It will be good excercise. But what about in bad weather? And in the case when I have to work, it'll be tiring for MIL (in case she happens to be only one available) to pick him up. Points to ponder... As for Daniel, he wants to have a view for himself before making the decision.

Even though Lele (for the first time) refused to go into the school, he enjoyed playing at the various learning centres (partitioned areas with different play themes) that he was totally at ease playing by himself while I spoke with the in-charged and walked around with her. Apart from school W, this is the only school which Lele was so happy about that he says he wants to visit again. He also liked the in-charged. Below is a summary of good and bad points.

1) Good hygiene
-Shoes removed outside and placed neatly in cubby holes for each student.
-Visitors required to fill in declaration forms and personal particulars, including temperature taken in centre.
-Visitors' hands are sanitised.
-Premises looked neat and tidy.


3)Good variety of learning tools in well-partitioned learning areas

4)Excursions every month

5)Though the centre was quite noisy with activity, the N1 children looked settled and teacher seemed to have a good working relationship with them. Plus, they are tucked away in a corner, (a little bit) away from the hustle and bustle.

1)Curriculum wasn't explained very clearly to me so I get a very muffled view. In-charged just gave me a whole list of themes without explaining very well the students' schedule.

2)School has a daily TV time from 6 to 7 which I am not comfortable with.

3)Monthly excursions are good learning trips for Lele, but will be added costs.

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