Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Playful Lele

Playful Lele has recently been resisting nap and bed time. See, we have storytime on the bed before nap and bedtime. Usually, Lele will ask for one book after another. We will read about 3 books before I announce,

"Last book."
He will pick the last book and I will read. After that I will put the book back on the shelve and switch off the light with him. Sometimes, he will request for another last book and I usually oblidge, because he will agree to lights out after that. But recently, after several "last book", Lele will still refuse to lights out. When I insist, he will protest. I'll just switch off the lights all the same (for bedtime). This will result in a few minutes of protest, which I'll ignore. Sometimes I'll carry him and lay him on top of me. He hates that and will go back to his own bed and for fear of the same treatment he will not fuss as much and drift off to sleep.
I wonder whether this resistance will get stronger? Anyway, I'm glad to be able to stand firm to that for now.
I also realised that Lele is able to drift off to sleep faster and sleep longer when I let him nap at 1-ish p.m.. Last time it was 12.30p.m.. He only nap around 1 hour (sometimes 50mins) and I thought that was normal. On a few ocassions, he nap got delayed till 1-ish and he slept for 1hour15mins.
Today he slept at 1. He has been sleeping for 1hour 45mins already and still in dreamland:)

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Dillion's Mum said...

Same as D
at times i hv to read up to 5 books for him.. till i hv to tell him sternly that its the LAST BOOK and he need to sleep!