Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Penguin-fish game

Mama made a penguin-fish game for me which I really like because it is something new. The objective of the game is to train my fingers.

Can u see the little penguins riding on the fish? They look like they are playing and having a good time, but according to mama, they are actually eating the fish. See, the penguins are in fact paper clips shaped like penguins. With my pincer grasp, I needed to clip each penguin to a fish. To mama and my dismay, the clips proved too hard for my pudgy fingers:(
I was more interested in taking the penguins off the fish and doing other stuff with them, such as letting them sleep by making them lie down or putting them into a blender (which is actually a big toy milk bottle) and shaking it violently to make penguin juice.

After a far bit of play with the penguins, I took a rest on the floor and posed;)

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